Ceiling Centres

Our range of Ceiling Rosettes or Ceiling Roses as they are sometimes called, provide a level of sophistication which can enhance any style of light fixture or ceiling fan. Ceiling Rosettes create a sense of luxury and style throughout a room. Used with chandeliers, our Ceiling Roses complete any room.

TW208ThumbTW240ThumbTW207ThumbTW238thumbTW210 Ceiling Centre 1020x780mm DiameterTW211thumbTW221Thumbtw230TW237ThumbTW219ThumbTW228ThumbTW248ThumbTW241 Ceiling Centre 500mm DiameterTW229tw247TW231 Ceiling Centre 580mm Diameter TW224 Ceiling Centre 765mm DiameterTW209 Ceiling Centre 700mm DiameterTW220TW217 Ceiling Centre 475mm DiameterTW 204 Ceiling CentreTW223
TW200 Ceiling Centre 690mm Diameter
TW206TW222TW246 Ceiling Centre 530mm Diameter

TW239TW205 Ceiling Centre 530mm Diametertw233 ceiling centre 455mm diameterTW243 Ceiling Centre 900mm Diameter